Upset Prevention Recovery Trainings

TTC/APS Europe has been teaching professional pilots aerodynamics, human factors and practical skills regarding upsets since 2012.
APS recognized the importance of mitigating LOC-I by thorough UPRT training long before EASA set forth requirements in Part-FCL.745.A.

We were one of the first to offer UPRT training in Europe. Our comprehensive courses ingrain the time-critical, counter-intuitive skills necessary to prevent or, if necessary, recover from life-threatening airplane upsets.

EASA Compliant Training Solutions

Although our EASA Advanced UPRT course goes far beyond most other EASA approved UPRT courses in terms of effectiveness, simplicity of application, and sophistication of training design, we offer even more. That’s because nobody understands training to effectively combat LOC-I better than APS. We offer even better ways to develop skills in an instrument environment, better understand the full escalation of events that can lead to spins, and how to transfer your skills into the flight deck of multi-engine, two pilot crew aircraft.


Depending on your training needs, we offer three EASA Compliant courses.

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EASA Advanced UPRT (Part-FCL.745.A)

Based on EASA Part-FCL.745.A requirements, our EASA Advanced UPRT provides an efficient, lean and certified training for professional pilots.

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EASA Professional Pilot Upset Training

Our APS-Recommended Solution, the Professional Pilot Upset Training (PPUT), brings even more than the EASA Advanced UPRT. PPUT is designed to embed long-lasting, resilient, knowledge and skills to defeat all-weather airplane upsets.

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EASA Jet Pilot Integrated Upset Training

Our APS-Recommended Solution, Focuses on robust transport category stall and airplane upset skills for multi engine, high-performance career jet pilots.